19.01.2019 00:39Metaphysics

Every being in nature is an aggregate of degrees of substances, forces, and vibrations coexisting in unison and harmony. In music, harmony is the simultaneous sounding of notes to produce chords that have a pleasing effect. In nature, harmony is the consistent and orderly combination of different parts to produce one cooperating whole.


18.01.2019 23:20Transpersonal Psychology

The Future of our Civilization, definitely, connected with the New Universal Vision, with Updated 'Sensors' to Observe and Navigate Our Realities.The Original Blueprint of 'Civilization' is deeply rooted in the Concept of 'CIVIL Communications', coming from Latin means: Organized, Deeply structured, Vitalized, Connected, has strong Ethics, Philosophical Database. More...


07.01.2019 02:36New Publications

New Issue of Cosmic Zen&Spa Mag, 2019 - Nouvelle Dimension for the Spirit of Life , which is in French Language we name as @Spiri’Vie! It is all about LifeStyle, Zen Beauty in many forms, Spa Retreats and Art Photography! The Philosophical Conception of Zen is coming deeply into the roots of our civilization. First of all, it is the State of Mind, deeply ... More...


03.01.2019 02:00Cosmic Attunement
Bio-Photoic Illuminations

“Things are as real as you focus them to be. Everything is as you focus it to be. The power of your mind is so much more than you know! You are able to focus other than the traditional way. And as you do this, your world and those close to you, are experiencing the influence of this vibrational stance. More...


02.01.2019 01:07Transpersonal Psychology

Having passed the winter solstice on December 21st, celebrated in ancient civilizations as the time of the birth of their 'Sun-Gods' (Spiritual Cosmic Archetypes), we are entering a new year and a new cycle via the 'Quantum Access' of All Possibilities, updating our light language universal programming in sycnronicities with the new uplifting crystalline luminous healing energies... More...


31.12.2018 05:17New Publications

Mystic Poetry Collection is the Multi-Lingual Meditative Course of Light Formulas and Light Prayers in Ancient Languages: Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Latinus, English and Russian Sacramental (Kabbalistic) Languages....This Collection is a Part of UNESCO International Program by the University Studies of Ancient Cultures and Manuscripts and recommended ... More...


31.12.2018 04:23Cosmic Attunement

Time is circular. Everything occurring in time is cyclic. Each ending brings about a new beginning, and the way we finish one year of our lives helps define the contents of the next year, as far as we are concerned. One brief moment results from immeasurably long processes, and is the seed of other cycles. According to esoteric philosophy, each year ... More...


25.12.2018 22:41Cosmic Astrology
Spirit of GAIA

As Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, their “Son of God,” it is an opportune time to consider the metaphysical ideas that are the root and origin of all the allegories about “Sons of God” born of immaculate virgins. The doctrine of immaculate conception relates to the earliest stages of cosmogenesis according to the Esoteric Philosophy. More...


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