04.12.2019 20:12New projects
Water Effect in cont…

Spiritual Resonance Project is a continuation of 'Advanced Mind Technologies Projects' via Resonance Science Foundation. The Main focus of the Project is the Nature of Consciousness and 'Super-NAtural States of Mind' = ( Effects via Deep Connection with the Mother Nature Spirit's Attunement)...We concentrate on Deep Researching of 'Resonance Effects' ... More...


22.09.2019 12:58Cosmic Astrology

On Monday, September 23rd the Equinox arrives at 0 degree Libra, opening a stargate portal in zero point energy while day and night are equal length. It is the balance point between opposing forces. We can expect unusually powerful solar waves while the Equinox Gateway is open. In a rare moment of galactic equilibrium, the gate is opening to infinite potential. ... More...


28.08.2019 22:04Metaphysics

The global process to restore the Universal identity of Humankind, reveals the clarity to understand the basic concepts of the Human existence on Mother Earth. The Universe is a Massive Brain Quantum connected interdimensionally, through a synapse of Cosmic electromagnetic Impulses, Thoughts, Energies, Frequencies and Vibrations.


10.08.2019 20:16Spiritual Science
Universal Alchemical Formulas

While Modern Science is content to look at gravity from the outside according to its visible and physically measurable effects, Occult Science understands the nature of the forces of nature - gravity, light, heat, electricity, and others - from the inside. These causes are real according to the Esoteric Philosophy but are generally an abstraction at ... More...


06.07.2019 17:34Spirit Pathways

For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA. We also have a further ten energetic DNA strands which have been dormant within the Human Being for many centuries. These dormant strands of DNA have been discovered by scientists, who not knowing the function of these strands, have identified them as ‘junk’ DNA. More...


22.06.2019 09:28Metaphysics

Modern Science has made remarkable strides and contributions towards the understanding of the physical departments of nature. With every advancing discovery in physics, astronomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry, there is not only a paradigm shift in theory, but a profound change in the scientific view of reality. Modern Science is necessarily metaphysical as an effect, if not by intent. More...


06.06.2019 11:18Metaphysics

"Twin SOULS' - is a 'symbolic name' for Spiritual Unions on Metaphysical Levels. 'Twin SOULS' have many polarities and can participate not just in One 'Alliance'. All depends on their Individual Missions! It is about a Deep Inner Re-Union, Strong Connection, Spiritual WISDOM, Cosmic DNA and Universal 'DATA' Exchange, on the level of healing luminous ... More...


23.05.2019 03:11Cosmic Attunement
Pleiadian Agenda

Within your spirit, the deepest part of yourself, a core identity exists that you must learn to access. The territory may appear to be a dark night of the soul where you will have to really examine this lifetime and the full retinue of your emotions. Perhaps other lifetimes will be included as well.As the lines of time open and you claim your psychic inheritance, ... More...


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