13.10.2012 09:09Metaphysics

The metaphysics of today is the physics of tomorrow. By studying spiritual metaphysics, you get a head start in understanding the mysteries of the universe.
For example, two hundred years ago, electricity was still a huge mystery. Back then, a few visionaries uncovered more and more information about the nature of electricity. Once it became possible to generate electricity, ... More...


06.10.2012 08:32Culture

UN Photo/Fardin Waezi - One of the 3, 000 Afghan teachers trained by the United Nations Children's Fund on Healthy School Initiative, jointly sponsored by the government and the children's agency, teaches children about their environment, including safe play areas and sanitation in schools. UNESCO is launching its teacher strategy for 2012-2015 to introduce its priorities, ... More...


29.09.2012 22:50UNESCO

On Thursday, 27 September 2012, in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly, the Republic of Italy organized a debate on civil society and human rights education for the promotion of religious tolerance. In a context marked by the Internet dissemination of an anti-Islam video and the ensuing escalation of violence, panellists highlighted the need for greater tolerance, ... More...


23.09.2012 21:09UNESCO

“Our generation’s greatest challenge is sustainable development,” stated Jeffrey Sachs in his opening remarks for the launch of the new sustainable development solutions network, on September 22, at Columbia University. Professor Jeffrey Sachs has been appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to convene this new global network with the purpose to mobilize civil society, ... More...


18.09.2012 21:03Culture

UNESCO’s Office in Rabat launches this week a series of activities in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education to integrate Media and Information Literacy (MIL) into the Moroccan national teacher-training curriculum. The programme aims to help Moroccan citizens more effectively engage with media and the Internet and to develop critical competencies ... More...


16.09.2012 08:29UNESCO

On 14 September 2012, during her official visit to Uruguay, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova attended the opening ceremony of the Regional Meeting on Memory Archives, within the framework of the 20th commemoration of the Memory of the World Programme: Human Rights Archives, Memory and Truth in the Southern Cone.The ceremony was opened by the Minister of Foreign Relations, ... More...


11.09.2012 12:34Humanity Healing Community

“The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations.” ~Julia Cameron Keeping our subtle bodies clean is very important for the flow of our vital energy. The assembly of these bodies composes what we call our Energetic, or Auric, Field. Our Energetic Field feeds on vital energy. ... More...


05.09.2012 06:04The Fellowship of Isis

Invocation: Shining Selene, Queen of magic. Goddess of lovers, mirror of Truth, enliven us in our graveyard of this world with visions of our future Heaven! We long to hear the Oracle of the Moon Goddess Selene.
Oracle:To achieve purity of purpose you need to receive a shaft of the Light of Truth from Deity. Within you dormant is the uncreated Flame, Source of all that is. ... More...


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